Error 119

Hi all

My firewall in xp64 says there’s an update, then when it checks it says that the update is not certified and therefore is probably a malicious attempt to hijack etc…

Any way to stop this?

Hey Pras & Welcome.

Interesting, What version are you using?


Hi Josh,

it’s version 3.5.55810.432

I think it was up to date as I always update it, this time it came with that message so I couldn’t and wouldn’t have.


Okay. Well .439 build is now available here:

I recommend you do a clean install. To also save your current configuration, go to Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Export (Your Config) Then uninstall .432 & download & install .439 build and import you’re settings the same way, make your configuration is selected in .439 (It will have a tick next to it in Manage My Configuration windows).

The website will be updated with the new build shortly too… Just the forums always gets it first. :slight_smile: