"Error 112"

I had Comodo Firewall on my computer. I downloaded the patch because the automatic update feature of Comodo was not working.

Everything fine and dandy so far.

Then I apply the patch, tells me to reboot so I do so. After reboot I run the automatic update and it tells me there is a newer version do you want to install, so I say yes. It downloads the newer version and tries to apply it. I receive an error after it’s done saying:

Error 112: Unable to copy file: guards32.dll. Please contact support.

I try to contact support but seeing as the firewall is blocking my access to the internet I cannot. So I try to uninstall it so that I can contact support - it won’t let me uninstall because it gives me an error: framework.dll is not found.

So now I can’t access the internet, I can’t uninstall the darn firewall which leaves me one option: re-install my computer.

Seeing as I have reinstalled now I don’t really need to “contact support”, though I felt the need to post this.

Thank you Comodo for wasting hours of my time, it was indeed appreciated.