Error 109:Not able to extract incompactSw.ini

COMODO Website CIS download page bug.
OS: Windows 7
Error message: ‘Error 109:Not able to extract incompactSw.ini’

The cause: Users download and install ‘CIS X86’ instead of ‘CIS X64’ in their ‘Windows 7 X64’ by accidentally or a bug by browsers.

The root cause:

CIS download page has a problem with following browsers in the certain system.(Javascript)
1.Google Chrome.

Symptoms:If users try to download CIS X64, it makes users only download X86.
So when the users install CIS, users have ‘Error 109:Not able to extract incompactSw.ini’.
Because those users use Windows x64.

Suggestion: Please change the page to normal download menu(normal link) instead of ‘Drop down’ button with Javascript.

To users who having problem with ‘Error 109:Not able to extract incompactSw.ini’ issue.
Use ‘Internet Explorer’ instead of other browsers.
1.go to Control Panel>System and Security>System>System Type can check x86 or X64 about your system. proper CIS.

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I hope it should be fixed soon.

Still not fixed. Just got bitten by it!