Error 108: Cannot Update CIS version 3.8

Hi guys,
just spent morning updating my PC to CIS version 3.8. I did a clean unistall of 3.5, rebooted and the installed the latest version. Once online I came here to follow Kyles Guides and then set all my trusted programs etc. I got a little bubble saying updates were available for Comodo and exited as I was busy. when I went to manual updates it tells me they are available but when I ok it I then get the following message. “Error 108: Update could not be completed. Please check your internet connection settings”. I am online now via Firefox and have visited MSN Updates via IE7 after installing 3.8 so do not understand why I cannot update Comodo?. Can anyone offer any advice?.

Can you please check what the Virus Sig. Database number is.

Thanks for the reply Dennis2.
The virus signature database is 975. The update bubble is from Comodo updates and not antivirus updates though.

My virus database is now version 977. I am still getting the “Updates are ready to download for Comodo Firewall” bubble but everytime I click on it to install I get the same error 108 warning mentioned in my first post. Is this a bug or what and is anyone else getting this problem?.

You should not be getting updates are available as there are none 3.8 is the latest version.
Regarding the error message i found this( Error 108: Comodo site is down. Try again later.)

That’s what I thought as well Dennis2. I think it must be a bug as my AV is updating fine and apart from the many intrusion events everything is working well. Hopefully it will clear up the update problem after the first proper update. The link to the Comodo site must be working ok as the AV updates normally.

Did you import a previous configuration? When you did a clean install did you also clean the registry with a thorough cleaner like Comodo System Cleaner, Regvac or other cleaner?

I did not use a registry cleaner EricJH as I am wary of them. I uninstalled Comodo via add/remove programs and then deleted the folder in Program Files and opened up Hidden Files and Folders and emptied the entries in Documents & Settings Application Data. I then rebooted my PC. This has always been good enough in the past. After install of v3.8 I visited here and applied the guides provided by Kyle as I had done with v3.5.

This is frustrating that it feels like comodo is hijacked on that 108 i know what you mean and then some i gave the updater executive privelidge through running process permission as trusted and protected etc and still it wnt up date and it isnt the latest version cuz i know what the latest ver looks like and this aint it and finally my av def update gets 2 5% and says update is not necessary or somethin like no avail update sig required hehehe woooo