Error 101

  1. AMD Phenom 8650 Triple core processor 2.3 gigs per core.
  2. Windows 7 Ultimate Beta (I’m aware that it is not supported, but I am running it is Vista compatability mode)
  3. 3.5.55810.432, trying to update to 3.5.57173.439 using Miscellaneous tab - Check For Updates. I keep receiving “Error 101: Update could not be completed. Passed url is incorrect, please retry, this could happen due to incomplete download.” This happens every time I “Check For Updates” after I press the start button. I have tried it on many different occasions different days and times. Multiple times every time. I was also having this issue when I was running Windows XP Pro SP2.
  4. I have tried reinstalling CIS a few different times.
  5. N/A

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Hello Duskao. Try launching CIS in Administrator mode. If that doesn’t work, try disabling the Antivirus,Firewall and Defense + while updating :slight_smile:

I have tried launching CIS in Admin mode, but when I exit CIS then try to launch it with Admin rights it doesn’t launch. I tried doing as you suggest with disabling but it still did not work. Thanks for the effort.

If this is still a problem for you, see if this Thread, also called “error 101”, helps. {Condenced version: Set cfpupdat.exe to ‘Vista’ Compatibility Mode and the updater should work…maybe}