ERROR: [0x00000003]Local DB corrupted

hi, i installed beta on a xp sp2 computer which has no internet connection. when i start the scann i always get ERROR: [0x00000003]Local DB corrupted. is this because the machine has no inet?
i also have the same version on a machine with inet and everything works fine.

If it never had the chance to download i’d say yes that could very well be the reason.

You could try to copy it from the other pc and see if that works:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo\CVA\DB

If this works you always have to update the Inet host first and sync the DB later to the other PC to keep up2dat on detections.

thx for the help, this worked but now i get ERROR: [0x00000001]Network error. seems that it doesnt work without inet connection:(

Looks like it, i thought you could disable check for updates, but that’s only for the program not the Database.
You can post a wish for this if you’d like, shouldn’t be to much trouble to make it work without connection.