"[Errno ftp error] 425 Security: Bad IP connecting"

When I try to install or upgrade, I get the following.

"Download failed for ftp://ftp.trustix.org/pub/trustix/releases/trustix-2.2/i586/trustix/rdfs/latest.rdf.asc:
[Errno ftp error] 425 Security: Bad IP connecting.

Skipping ‘ftp://ftp.trustix.org/pub/trustix/releases/trustix-2.2/i586/trustix/rdfs/latest.rdf
Verifying packages.
Nothing found for ‘pkg_fetchmail’

Done verifying packages."

I’m inside a NAT, but do not know why I’m getting this error and unable to install any packages.

Do you use vsftpd? Also , see if port 20 is being blocked.



Hi Paul,

I’m running ProFTPD, but this is the swup client requesting files from the Trustix ftp site.

The Trustix ftp site is still failing in the same manner, but I can install now. I haven’t changed anything. Now it fails the Trustix FTP site and then falls back to the ZTL and Trustix http sites as it should.

Oops!.. Duh, I just looked and ftp-data was closed. I’ll have the telco modify their router when they open. I must have missed that in my change request. I’m gonna fire me.

Not seeing any packages + the error caught me off guard.

loll. I was wondering if Domain was resolving correctly but you seem to have this under control. I am not extremely familiar with ProFTPD unfortunately.



Regardless of familiarity, I appreciate the input. Community support for the desktop products is substantial. For the infrastructure products, it’s very light. It often helps to have alternative thoughts during debugging.

I’ll need ftp-data open for inbound active ftp sessions, so your comment solved that issue.

Ok, lol , I missed that in your reply above, so port 20 was blocked for your ftp. Well glad to hear it solved that issue then, loll. BTW did you get the new CPF? Runs like a charm!



I’ve tried to update CPF several times today. Each time, it gets to 82% and fails. Dunno the cause and am short on time to figure it out. I’ve got to move users to a new mail server.

Hopefully I’ll have the time tonight and do the upgrade.