Erm... what's up with this ?!

So I’ve turned on my pc like 45 min ago and did an update to the malware db… but… surprise (see pic below), it downloaded 138 mb of db… I think that is the entire db. It downloaded quick in like a minute (I have good connection) but then it took longer to apply the updates which is normal I guess…
Then I thought maybe the 5.8 was released so I did a program update check and there was an update. Didn’t pressed “Next” to update, I came here to see what is all about but here nothing is mentioned about an update. Then I’ve updated but I didn’t saw any change in the version number…

Any news about this update, the “Update Details” link in the program takes me to a blank page (I guess they’re working on it) ?!

P.S the update required a system restart, the db version is 9997

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I think the program update was for the Trusted Software Vendor list. That’s how they get distributed.

When was the last time your computer connected to the web? It looks like you must have not have connected for a number of days.

Every 10-14 days or so Comodo publishes a new full av database. All incremental updates will be based on this full database.

Yesterday I did some maintenance on my computer on my Vista installation (I have a triple boot system with three hard drives containing XP, Vista and 7). I updated Comodo Cleaning Essentials and also got the big download like you did.

Yesterday I’ve turned on my pc arround 4 pm. The last time it was connected to the internet the same morning between 7 and 8 am. My virus database was updated the day before and it was 9992. I do my updates manualy every day. Same was this time, I’ve turned on my pc and did an update but this time… I got this, as you can see from the pic, it started to download the db from 9947 but my db was already 9992.
After it downloaded, it started to apply the updates from 9947 to 9997. It’s like the updates from 9947 to 9992 were bad or something and it downloaded them again and also added another 5 thus makin’ it 9997.
Something is not right here, maybe you can find out if they had a bug with the updates, I’m kinda used to that as it happened before. I have the suspicion that there is/was a bug in the program to display the five digits on the updates version from 9999 to 1xxxx, but I repeat, this is only a suspicion, until they come up with an explanation on what happened, I can only speculate…

EDIT: just did an update and the db version is now 10007, so my suspicion regarding version number bug is gone. Will do a full scan tomorrow, maybe I have some malware that deleted part of the db, tho’ I doubt that.
EDIT 2: Oh, I thought of something: I have installed Smart Defrag 2, a software that has an option to automaticaly defragment your hard drive and it is on. Yesterday when I was playing an online racing game and was trying to connect to a race it just took too much to load than usual, I’ve noticed then that Smart Defrag 2 was working on defraggin’ my hard drive, so… could this have happened while I was trying to update the CIS db ?!.. maybe this software was already moving the db files while the program tried to update… maybe that’s why it downloaded them again from 9947… this is just another speculation.

The only thing I can say about the hypothesis about Smart Defrag is to test it. See what happens the next two or three days with SD2 installed and then without it installed.