Er..... o.o

I must confess that…
…i have 33 AIM Screen Names
…I have 28 Emails
…i have tried to install every windows (and linux) operating system on one computer {ugh…fail >.<}
…i compare everyday items to computers, viruses, spyware, software, etc
…i think more about computers than anything else {is that normal? o.o}
…i get mad and yell every time i die on Modern Warfare
…i laugh when my computer gets the BSOD even when its not my fault :smiley:
…i “try” not to get the BSOD >:-D

…I should stop typing now O.o

I think the forums almost crashed when you posted that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting cat…

Your posts are definitely…unique. :stuck_out_tongue:


Except this one:



Btw, how the hell do you get 28 e-mails? ??? ;D ;D

Lol…you don’t even have to create an email account there.

My God, people will honestly sign up for anything… 88)

Human beings shouldn’t have full internet privileges until at least the age of 30…including me. ;D

Hey! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I included myself too! It gets late, maybe a few drinks…we tend to start clicking on the straaaangest things. :smiley:

haha…um…did not need to know that :smiley:

That’s when you gotta swing into “incognito” mode. :wink:


Pros and cons of water:

Helps clean system.
Can help you get well from sicknesses (guess what was in the I.V. I had when I had the flu…).
Doesn’t make you “woozy.” Can do the opposite. :slight_smile:
Best cure of thirst.

Lack of it gives me a headache. 88)

Summary: Live with water, or die with cancer. ;D

Ha ha. How 'bout using water to cut…stuff. :a0

you have my condolences

Thanks, but it didn’t matter much because I am a cancer. ;D The cancer.

You are a '■■■■. :smiley:

Jeremy, cancer is something to be destroyed ;D
As Sylvester once said, ‘You’re the disease, I’m the cure’