Epic fail - Opera has trusted intaller's privieges!!!

I have reported about the similar problem on the 14 of November 2014 (!):

The situation is even worse at the moment. Not only portable browsers, but also the standard Opera has installer’s privileges.

  1. Any unknown program runs without restrictions when it is executed via this browser.
  2. Even a known virus becomes trusted when it is downloaded via Opera.


I have proposed a way to solution of this problem on the 14 of November 2014:

Please, add ability to disable automatic detection of trusted installers!

In the version CIS 8.2 any files named “OperaPortable.exe”, “FirefoxPortable.exe”, “GoogleChromePortable.exe” are not recognized as installers (when they are smaller than 40 MB).

But other programs still have installer’s privileges:

  • Opera 29
  • Dropbox (!)
  • 7-ZipPortable etc.