entrust disconnect by ipad 2 at the public library

I am at the public library and want to connect to etrust vpn via ipad 2. I get the following message:

VPN connection: you were disconnected by the communication device. try reconnecting. if the problem continues verify your settings."

I have and they are correct. they are the following

server: uk2.vpn.comodo.com
account is ptah3
password is correct
encrypting level is auto
send all traffic on
proxy off

I have tried deleting vpn and retyping several times but it does not work. Oddly it does work when I am at home using my wireless.

Can someone please tell why the vpn does not work on ipad 2 when I am at the public library. My apologies if this seems to be the same post but I really really would like to know. :frowning:

Some public WiFi points like libraries, airports, hotels etc. may block the network ports needed for VPN connections. Probably, you have encountered this problem in your case.

How do we protect ourselves in such networks?

Don’t connect to the web and suffer withdraw symptoms… 88) :wink:

OK! Ill promise Ill keep my laptop in “shut down” mode when entering those places. :a0

So there is no way that I can use VPN in this case? At least not by using the Ipad 2. But the odd thing is that when I bring only my laptop and use their WIFI I can use VPN. Do you not think this is odd??? :o

Then the problem is somewhere in setting up the iPad. I have no idea how to do so.