Enhance Context Menu Options

Hi Guys! Just a simple and very easy suggestion to implement in the next and upcoming versions of CAV and CIS,

Enhance the context menu options, I noticed since version 3, Comodo’s Right click scan only works for actual files and not shortcuts, Wouldn’t it be more convenient if Comodo would tweak it to scan shortcuts also? It’s also the same for the Run in Sandbox option. I hope that this will be considered. Thank you.


You mean when you scan a shortcut it will scan the actual file it is pointing to?

A shortcut isn’t an .exe or the target file it is only a pointer to a target, and once a shortcut is activated it is designed to execute the target. Therefore if won’t scan the shortcut, and for you to scan the exe from the shortcut the shortcut would have to be activated somehow to find the exe. Once the shortcut is activated the target will be executed, whether it be an .exe to a program or an URL to a website. Hope this makes sense. Kind regards.
Edit- Similar for the sandbox, it will only show up for a file that is executable in some way.
Example- you will not get sandbox option on opening a word document, but you will sandbox option on opening winword.exe file.

@captainsticks and EricJH

Enhancing the Context menu options improves usability which is good, Now why other products such as avast! offers those options on shortcuts? Think of it that way.

Hi Blake575,

Do you mean something like this for the manual sandbox?



Are they scanning and sandboxing the shortcuts target or just the .lnk file? If they found a way to reach the target it would be useful. If it is just the .lnk I don’t see much benefit from it. Kind regards.

@captainsticks they are scanning and sandboxing the shortcut targets and the scans the shortcut itself, So it will be worth enhancing the context menu options.

Thanks for this information Blake. With this capability, it would make for better convenience, so +1 for your idea. Kind regards.

Your welcome mate, So I hope that Comodo will consider this suggestion. :a0