Endpoints intermittently have no network connection

hey all

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, small group of Comodo ESM getting users intermittently not being able access Internet, Upon logging in their desktop background goes black and network symbol is marked with x Adapters, Still gets IP in IPCONFIG but they can still open Mapped network drives and software that has been added in the Comodo exclusions function fine which require network access. but no Internet or anything else generic which normally works. also geekbuddy works as its in comodo exemptions

My temporary Fix is Comodo > Reset Sandbox > Log off > Log on
real pain to do most mornings

All PC’s are Windows 7
PCs that experience the problem have in common is Intel Network card
Some users more then others.
Its not particular policy
I believe it effects Network driver trying to load and freezes that.
Would rather a fix the problem as it limited PC’s on network experience this issue intermittently re-occurring and not have to disable Sandboxing

I have had no luck with ESM support

Appreciate any ideas i can try.