Endpoint Security Manger on WHS?

Good day,

At the moment I’m using Comodo Firewall on a Virtual PC to only allow it access to the Internet through a VPN connection but no restrictions on my LAN. But I aquired a WHS (Windows Home Server) that does not have a VGA/DVI connection which means that if I install a firewall that block my attempts to remotecontrol the WHS I’m ■■■■■■■ (and have to reinstall)

I’m not familiar with the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (I’ll call it CESM from now) and have yet to try it yet but thought it would be best to be safe then sorry.

Would using CESM let me install Firewall/AV etc on a WHS with pre-defined firewall rules to allow remote access?

Do Comodo even support being installed on a WHS?

When You Install CIS Using CESM, By Default Firewall D+ And AV Will Be Disabled. So After Installing You Can Apply The Required Settings For Firewall, D+ or AV Using CESM To The Clients PC.