Endpoint Security Manager 3.3 is available!

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that ESM 3.3 is available now! We have a lot of good news for you :slight_smile:

What is new?

URL filtering: The feature allows ESM administrator to control via policies which urls are allowed/blocked for visiting in a corporate environment.

Mac Endpoints support:
o Mac system management via policies. The feature allows to manage system Mac OS X settings (power options, e.g. turn off display/disk timeouts, and resources monitoring alerts) via policies.
o MAC antivirus management via policies: The feature allows user to configure COMODO Antivirus for Mac OS X settings (scans options and schedule, exclusions, updates servers, etc.) via policies.
o Quarantine items management: The feature allows to manage (observe, restore and delete) files that were put in quarantine by COMODO Antivirus for Mac OS X.

Centralized trusted/blocked/unrecognized files management: The feature allows to manage files (define which files are blocked or trusted) globally using one screen without need to manage the lists using particular policy.

CES 8.1 Support:
o Ability to manage state of CES Shared Space via ESM Policies. The feature allows to configure using policies whether Shared Space shortcut is shown on endpoint or not.
o “Monitor sandboxed applications only" option for Viruscope in ESM policies. The feature allows to specify whether CES should monitor activities (file access, registry access and network activities) only of sandboxed applications.
o Support “Reset to Default” option for Auto-Sandbox rules. The feature allows to reset sandbox rules configuration in policies to its default state as they were shipped during the installation.
o Support Viruscope events as a separate type of events. The feature allows to observe Viruscope events inside Computer Properties screen.

Local DB Maintenance: The feature allows admins to monitor local database size and provide auto cleanup procedure in Configuration Tool

What is Improved?

• ‘Last Contact’ date/time is shown for offline endpoints on Computers screen

• Ability to get direct download links of the installer to be shared with clients

• Changed the preconfigured policies and configurations for better performance / protection balance
o CES (Antivirus + Sandbox) is selected by default in the deployment wizard
o Quick Scan is scheduled on 10 PM every Saturday

• Continuous event logs discovery replaced with on-demand discovery for storage optimization

• Ability to change console language without reloading the page

• UI improvements

Best regards,

great job guys!

Just to report it was available last night, so I downloaded, but download was incomplete. It reported ‘non-7z archive’.

Today ESM says it’s up-to-date with 3.2 installed.

Possibly file on download server was corrupt and is being replaced?

Kind regards


Hey Mike,

Since we simplified and centralized the file management and made some profile changes, new admin experience improved and becomes slightly different then previous versions. This change seems confusing for some of our customers who are used to the previous portal.

It seems reasonable to provide the upgrade only through the support team for a while. We might introduce some other documents or migration guides to help on this topic. We are evaluating these options and feedback our customers provide.

In the mean time, you can still download and install the CESM 3.3 version from below link whenever you want.


Best regards,

Thanks Ilkers. That makes sense. It’s just that ESM flagged it, then the flag went away again.

Kind regards


Congrats in the new release.

Are these 2 issues well-known and reported, fixed in this new version?


We are controlling HTTP and HTTPS traffic but not FTP.

Does this fix the KB3045999 error that is causing BSOD’s on startup? If not, Then I have to start migrating my client over to Trend Micro (as it has been 30 days)

Thank you

Hi Jeremy,

Fix already provided for this issue. Could you please send an email to esmsupport@comodo.com for us to reach out and help you out on that?

Best regards,

I’m noticing that I cannot enable email notifications. It says “You must specify smtp options at first” when I try to enable the checkbox. I have everything else on that page setup correctly as far as I can tell.