Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition Beta Now Available

Hello forum members,

We are happy to inform you the Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition Beta is now available!

Notable Features in the 2.0 Business Edition:

We’ve reimagined the traditional console and the way computer policy is managed.

  1. New browser-based panorama-style user interface compatible with touch-screen computers.
  2. New Dashboard interface with Active Tiles and configurable email alerts.
  3. New policy-based Comodo Internet Security configuration management.
    -New Internet policy supports different CIS configuration for laptops
  4. Integration with the latest Comodo Internet Security software
    -CIS 2012 beta included in this release
  5. New Active Reports with built in drill down to computers and in-report remediation
  6. New Active Reports:
    -Internet Security quarantined items report
    -Policy compliance report
    -Policy “delta” report
    -Internet Security Logs reports

Join the ESM Beta Force and be the first to beta test Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition. Please take a few seconds to fill out the following form and tell us about your test environment at: http://enterprise.comodo.com/security-solutions/endpoint-security/endpoint-security-manager/beta-form.php

The ESM Beta Team will contact you and provide you with the software and license key to begin testing. You will also be able to interact directly with other Beta Force members and our Comodo product team in a special section of the forum that you will be granted access to.

Comodo Beta Force members who are among the first to provide beta feedback will receive a limited edition Tee shirt. Our sincerest thanks for helping us make Comodo Endpoint Security Manager Business Edition the best it can be.


ESM Beta Team

woo! congrats on the release. i hope i get my copy soon and get to start testing

This is one sexy ESM guys!!!

You can use it to manage even 2-3 computers at home or 200 -300 computers at work or even bigger network…

Very very nice indeed!..

Pls go ahead and help us beta test this and give us your feedback.
thank you


Will deff try it out! saves going around updating computers with CIS individualy… this is a nice help…

when are we supposed to get our copy of the beta? i submitted my info to fiolls about 2 months back and i went through the link released today and provided my info just to be sure it was submitted.

i want one of those shirts :slight_smile:

Signed up :slight_smile:

This is gonna be fun testing out the new release :slight_smile:

I too registered for it…

By the way, what is CIs 2012 beta ? is it same as CIS 5.8 beta ?

im wondering the same thing


Well done! :-TU


If you’ve previously had email contact with Comodo regarding beta testing Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 (in connection with our previous calls for beta testers in the forum), then you are already in our database and will be receiving a license key and download instructions on or about Monday 8/1. Next we will respond to the testers who have just signed up via the Web form.

And, yes, the CIS included in the ESM 2.0 beta is CIS 5.8 aka CIS 2012. There’s a reason for this. One of Comodo’s innovations in CIS 2012/5.8 is that the standalone CIS is fully manageable (just click Manage this Endpoint on the More tab) once you introduce ESM in your environment. In about a minute, you’ve got a managed endpoint! There’s no rip-and-replace with a new managed AV version, no redefining the settings in the console that have been working for you – it’s a real game-changer for small businesses and others migrating from standalone AV.

–Glen Marianko
Product Line Manager, Business Security Solutions

Thanks Glen,

User were getting a bit antsy about their new toy arriving late. Lots of people looking forward to this release.

Ewen :slight_smile:

True panic, I’m anxious about this product.

I’m not a ‘business user’ but I manage ~10 computers spanning 6 houses. This could be a cool tool.

Which v ersion of CESM is it ?

Did you get CESM 2.0 beta ?

If you use CESM 2.0.
If you install CIS first than ESM you can deploy agent from CIS: open CIS window/go to More tab/Manage this endpoint/Enter IP of your ESM server and port 57193 if you dont change it in Configuration tool and click install, enjoy :slight_smile:

Let the testing begin :wink:

great!! :slight_smile:

pls let us know your feedback…

I really like this product…just what I needed for my home network :slight_smile:

I see that remote IP addresses/domains can be managed within CESM 2.0 which is great!
Meaning that server is not necesarilly forced to be in the same network.

However, I have a question.
Can I manage 2 networks or more (each network with +2Pcs) with the same server and ESM?
How can this be achieve?

You can manage an unlimited number of remote networks. ESM 2.0 BE will see Agents checking in from these networks to the public IP/host of the server, and then you’ll be able to monitor/set policy for those stations. You can also display them separately in groups.