EndPoint Protection Banner on Forum

Anyone else see the EndPoint Protection banner that appears at the bottom of the forum?

When using a mobile browser it shrinks the forum info to a really small display(see attached),
suggesting that the banner is not mobile friendly.

It’s a pain to keep resizing the display so the forum text can be read.


Thanks JoWa…is there someone in the Comodo team you can highlight this to?

There is a thread where we (moderators) can complain about stuff, but the reported http-links to smileys and avatars in the gallery are still there and have been for over a year. Don’t hold your breath…

Looks like the banner has been replaced with one suitable for the width of the forum.

Thanks to the team at Comodo for correcting the slightly annoying banner issue :-TU

The code has been changed, so the image now scales with the window (96 % of the width).

<div style="display: block; text-align: center; background: #FFF;"><a href="https://one.comodo.com/signup/?afid=9547" target="_blank" title="Get it Free Now" onclick="ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'Comodo Forum', eventAction: 'Click', eventLabel: 'Comodo One Signup'});ga('nT.send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'Comodo Forum', eventAction: 'Click', eventLabel: 'Comodo One Signup'});"  ><img src="/Themes/comodov2/images/free-signup.png" alt="Free Endpoint Protection" style="width:96%;height: auto;"/></a></div>

Because it wasn’t big and distracting enough before.

‘Because it wasn’t big and distracting enough before’…I must agree (:WIN)

Forgot to say thank you to JoWa as well … so thanks JoWa :-TU