End process in connections no longer available

Greetings & hello to all.

I have been a user for a longtime but have never posted. Thought it was about time!!!

Simple question (I hope):
CPF older version use to allow end process within Activity/Connections, just wondered why this feature was removed in the more current versions. I have to use taskmanager.

Thanks for looking.

CPF IMHO is the best windows firewall on the market, I have recommended/installed it on all my friends/clients machines. Keep up the good work & roll on v3.

Regards Jay

Hi Jay, welcome to the forums.

I believe the older versions of CFP allowed the user to close the selected connection, rather than terminate the process (I could be wrong… I’m old ;D ). Anyway, it was remove in 2.4 due to some technical difficulties. But, Egemen (CFP Lead Developer) has promised that it will return.

kail thankyou for your swift reply. Sorry, yes ment close connection. Hopefully it will return in v3 at some point.
Thanks again.