End of Life date for Firewall V3.14 ??

What is the End of Life date for Firewall V3.14 ??

Cant get V4.1 to operate \ install properly on Win XP Pro SP3
despite trying all the fixes\uninstall\cleanup tips listed on this forum
(thanks to various posters) & so have reverted to V3.14.147648.588.

Have searched the forum & web and cant’ see a definite statement on this.
When will using V 3.14 become a security problem ??

Ok I see EricJH has posted this on another thread


so I suppose the Question is now - For how long am I secure using Firewall V 3.14 ??

If using CAV, you won’t be able to update the virus base, as automatic update won’t work anymore, unless there’s some manual trick (i have no idea, i use an other AV).

If not, i don’t see what’s the problem, and i would even say there’s less issue with cis3 then with versions 4 and 5 at the time speaking, due to erratic behavior of the sandbox and trusted files/vendors.

Hi piratetim,

The only known issue with that version and Firewall is some ARP poisoning issue that got fixed in later version.
But if you only run Firewall there is nothing to be afraid of like brucine suggests.

The Firewall and D+ are even more stable and faster then in 3.x releases, but I do agree that sandboxing is still a young product, if you run an other AV next to FW there should be no issues of that kind.

Regarding EOL date normal software releases support N+1 so only version 4.x will be AV updated as 5.x is released, but normally Comodo handles the support only the latest version method. So only v5 will see fixes.

Isn’t arp spoofing/poisoning only possible inside a local network, somewhat reducing this threat for cis home users (even if using a small lan)?

Yes correct ARP only lives on Layer2 that’s LAN indeed.

Will the whitelist continue to be updated for V3?

Don’t think so, wasn’t dynamic there yet, would only be updated by new release…

Thanks for the responses, guys. :-TU

Am (home user) just using Firewall & D+.

So in a nutshell - F & D+ V3.14 are safe for the forseeable future in this scenario.

They don’t protect against script attacks and the whitelist won’t be expanded. I’d strongly recommend upgrading to the newest version and just disabling any options you don’t want.

Move on… security software need to be updated all the time…
Go for CIS 5 :slight_smile:


If you don’t want extras like the sandbox you can simply disable them and get v3.14 behaviour back in only several clicks.

No the problem I have (in common with many ? Win XP users) is getting V4.1 to install properly

  • despite trying all the cleanup/fixes listed in


and thus have had to revert to V3.14.

If you are having problems installing please follow the instructions here

Please also post the require logs in that topic.