Encryption & Passwords [RESOLVED]

I just downloaded ver. for evaluation.

I notice that there is a Protect with Password option in the “Compress” tab when creating a new backup job. What is the encryption method used by Comodo Backup?

I store backup data at remote locations, and my backup requirements include the following:

(1) Strong encryption (where I have the only key)
(2) Preferably, an open source or widely-used encryption method - so I can decrypt years into the future… even without using Comodo Backup. (This might sound harsh, but I have experienced a situatiuon where I migrated to a new PC, and discovered that my prior backup software was “discontinued” - leaving me no convenient way to decrypt backup files on that PC.)


Hi trench3

I have not been able to find an answer to your question of encryption method used. You may wish to send a request to technical support at backup@comodo.com to get an answer to this. If you find out it may be good to post it here to help others in this area as well.


I would like to know the answer too please.

3 months and waiting… :THNK

The encryption used is the standard ZIP algorithm.

This can be verified by creating a password protected backup, which will result in a ZIP file. This ZIP file can be transferred to another PC that can read ZIP files and opened. When you attempt to access a file within the archive, it will prompt for a password. On a WinXP system, it is the standard Windows OS password prompt. The password supplied when setting up the job can be used in the Windows password dialogue to open the file.

Hope this helps and sorry this took so long to get around to answering.

Ewen :slight_smile: