Encrypted Physical Drive not Accessable

I have encrypted one of the physical drive of my computer using COMODO Disk Encryption Version 1.2.114847.152,now the problem is I am not able to view the drive for decryption and recover the
Data back, moreover when I tried to access the drive from my computer a window popup asking for formatting the drive. If some one has faced the same situation kindly share the recovery procedure adopted.

You can honestly forget about any help with the disk encryption problems…I believe that the devs and support people have turned a deaf ear to all our cries for help. The software will not work correctly with windows 7, especially if you have a raid setup. So we are left to our own devices to resolve our own issues. In your case and mine, I don’t believe they can recover the data…even if you remember the encryption type and had the password.

In my case, I installed the encryption on all my drives like a dumbass and have had to format and reinstall my os drives. You would think that you could just install the program again and add the encrypted drives to the software and then recover your data…but sadly it doesn’t work. You get an encryption subsystem error and left in limbo.

I can honestly tell everyone that using comodo disk encryption is a very bad idea…and I will continue spreading this by word of mouth for as long as it takes for one of the devs to get back to me with a fix.

Good luck bro.

i have quickly come to the conclusion that this product is unsafe…how good is trucrypt by the way or any other safe products? any suggestions please.?bye. ???

I have used TrueCrypt 7.0a without any problems. Encrypting both the primary disk and a file (on 2 different computers). Didn’t notice any performance loss and this was also on old’ish hardware.

Regarding CDE, I like the simplified interface but being currently in beta, you’ve got to be carefull.


Hi , For my personal experience is not 88) very compatible TrueCrypt with comodo Kind regards

not very compatible with what …“comodo”
Have you tested both encryption together ? woW!
Can it be “a little bit” compatible ? …or just “not very” ??? whatever that means