Encrypted Password Manager


can anyone remember “Norton Password Manager 2004”, unfortunately it was the only version (I know they now have one again but it’s garbage). That was the best Password Manager I ever saw. It worked just flawlessly. Automatic Username and Password entering everywhere. Besides not being encrypted it had two major problems, you were not able to edit the entries (meaning, if you changed the password on a WebSite you couldn’t just edit the entry in the manger, he made a new entry) and you could not export your Password list, not even print it. I know there is KeePass (currently using it) but thats not it… One important thing, NO CLOUD INTEGRATION!!! I want my passwords on my PC in one or more files(you could combine it with my other suggestion, the Truecrypt fork). I don’t want them on the Internet…



I think a great idea would be to create a well-developed keepass plugin for one of the comodo web browsers.

I would want cloud integration, for sync between browsers and mobile devices. With an option for local and export to file.
Something like LastPass alternative.
Could also integrate into CIS…

I’d welcome any password manager addition/integration (in house or plugin. Cloud or local storage). Local storage is easily transferred to cloud via your preferred cloud storage provider ( DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Amazon, etc…) allowing the user to have control on where his password database is stored if on the cloud at all. Add support for cold storage key/cert like flash drive or hardware Fido U2F support and be golden!