Encrypted data container

I was looking for something like Steganos LockNote:

but not to store text only but to store files instead. When you close it it encrypts itself back.
Imagine LockNote with ability to contain files and folders instead plain text. AES 256 is somehow obvious.

I’m looking for such tool for my USB drive. I tried TrueCrypt but it’s just too crappy to use with PortableApps menu. LockNote on the other hand works great.
I already gave this idea to Steganos developers but they don’t seem to be much interested in it.

“Comodo PortableVault” anyone?

Well I am on your side rejzor. I would love to see an encription tool like axcrypt, or even steganos locknote, made by comodo.

how about whole hd encryption as a product?


WDE ? No thanks, not if it’s not Open Source . Besides, truecrypt already has that .
But there definitely is a market for something that works without admin-rights and runs from a usb flash-drive.
In real life people do present encrypted data to a host they do not have admin-rights to .
You shouldn’t do that but people do .