Encountering Weird Startup Issue

hi all,
I’m experiencing some sort of hang when logging into my desktop user account on windows vista. The issue will only happen after booting up and logging on for the first time.

Basically, what happens is, after typing in my vista user password, ill see the normal loading screen for about 40 seconds (This normally takes 2 seconds without cis5 installed) which then goes to a black screen for about 30 seconds.

Ive traced the problem to the image execution control, which when disabled, windows resumes normal login time. given the spec of my pc - i would say its quite a serious issue for me. Does anyone else get this issue?Full specs below

Vista Ultimate x64 SP2
Intel Q9550
8GB DDR2 Ram
1TB Hard Disk

CIS5 Installed with no other security software.

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Many thanks in anticipation for your co-operation


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OK, I seem to have resolved the issue. It was caused by my forgetting to reboot and instead I configured my settings followed by the reboot which caused the issue.

Thanks for telling us. I will now move to resolved bugs

Best wishes