Enabling flashplayer in youtube-Flashplayer for youtube ineffective-winxp

After experiences with firefox-extension/addon flashplayer for youtube in Firefox and chrome(will be shown in topmenue) i tried it out in chromodo. I know that first i had to remove all other addons regarding switching between html5 and flashplayer.
and also deleting cache and cookies.
It about displaying 3DOptions in youtube when viewing 3dstereo-videos.
if html5 is activated(flashplayer dectivated) anaglyph-image is shown(3d-viewing with red-cyan-glasses). no 3d-options then.
But chromodo is showing a dual-image(freeviewing-cross-eyed) and 3d-options(cog-wheel) not available.
flashplayer must be activated.
Whats wrong? maybe better reinstalling chromodo from scratch by removing it first and come back.

Just wanted to know what CD is…
With all the changing of the browser names…
Chromium secure Chromodo etc. endless list. sorry i am really upset.
And also about the security hijacking i encountered in winxp some time ago, maybe 2 years. Yes has nothing to do with this question.

Hi europanorama,
Chromodo is formerly known as Chromium Secure.

Dragon (CD) is just another flavour of a Chromium based browser created by Comodo.
Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser?

Both browsers require PPAPI flash to be installed on the system for flash to work.

Kind regards.

Is the DNS-Security-problem solved with Chromodo? Chromodo blocking internet access.
I dont remember how i unlocked.

Hi europanorama,
The current Chromodo does not have the Comodo Secure DNS option.

Dragon (CD) has the Comodo Secure DNS option found under privacy in the advanced settings.
Configuring Advanced Settings-Comodo Dragon Help

I am using Secure DNS with no issues.

Kind regards.

Flashplayer working again-after a few days-maybe longer since i dont know when the problem starte. But i didnt yet test with chromodo since its removed.
also instructions here:
Want to remind you that adobe is working on animate CC which contains html5 and flashplayer-support. when i have time i will visit adobe here in town.
i have found a link telling that original flashplayer will be stopped in 2017.