enable/disable alerts


I want to disable alerts from CIS when an ordinary user (=non-admin) is logged. CIS allows you to disable/enable alerts from Parent-control settings if you know the password, but then you disable/enable them permanently. It would be much more practical if the alerts could be enabled only temporarily until you logoff.

I suggest to add the possibility to enable/disable alerts into the right-click menu on the CIS icon. There you would enter the password, and since then alerts would be enabled/disabled till the end of your session or till you change the settings again. A visual indicator on the CIS icon (e.g. a lock sign) would be useful too.

i[/i] A much more standard way would be to show CIS alerts (and enable CIS configuration changes) only to users with CIS administration privileges - instead of requiring a password. But I understand that this would require much more work to implement it (correctly ;)).


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