Enable a Blocked Program in Defense+

I hope that this is not a repeat, but I couldn’t find a solution for my issue anywhere else in the forum. Yesterday when starting my computer I blocked a program from executing and it completely shut down most of my system. My taskbar is gone, most of the things in my control panel are empty when I try to open them, I cannot connect to the internet because my wireless adapter is disabled, and I cannot perform a system restore. I know which file was blocked by mistake, but for some reason when I try to add it to the trusted files in Defense+ it does not work. If I completely disable Defense+ and restart then everything is fixed, but I need to figure out how to fix this issue so I can run Defense+ again. Has anyone else had this issue or know of a solution? I am running Windows XP. Thank you.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files. Select the file and click the Remove button. Don’t click Delete File, as this will delete the file which won’t be good. Remove just takes it off the blocked files list.