emule with comodo

I am new to the forum so a bit of TLC would be nice. At the risk of getting groaned at… I have tried everything I can (including the tutorial on this forum but still cannot get the ports forwarded for emule. This is a last ditch plea before i have to go back to Kerio. Can anyone give me a step by step guide to this problem. If I swich off the firewall immediate High ID.

All the best

I have the exact same problem. Was curious, did you ever solve it?

I use emule a long time now along with comodo with no problems. High id is always acomplished when connecting to servers. All you have to do is just reply to the popup alerts giving access to emule (generally tcp,udp - in,out). Then goto security/network monitor and click the very first rule in order. Right click it again and add rule before… creating a rule that include the necessary information about the incoming connections needed. Restart emule and see that you get a high id. It’s that simple…

Edit:DId you say Kerio? HAHA beware! Better use windows firewall