eMule Ports blocked


I’ve configured everything as explained in section “Enabling File Sharing Applications like BitTorrent and Emule”, including Disable ‘Do Protocol analysis’ and creating those 6 rules which I triple checked. I took note of my TCP and UDP port in eMule and there is no error possible.

At the end I started Emule and when Comodo raised a pop-up alert I choose ‘Treat this application as’ and selected the descriptive name I gave for this rule and selected ‘Remember my answer’.

I also added eMule.exe as a trusted Application…

The fact is that my TCP Port is not reachable When I start eMule and as such I get a Low ID :cry:

This is the infamous message I get:

Starting TCP connection test…
TCP test failed! UDP test will not be performed.

Can you help me please?

Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 and windows Firewall is disabled.
Comodo Firewall 5.10.228257.2253
Avira Free Antivirus installed.
eMule v0.50a


Try moving the application rule for e Mule to the top of Application Rules and try again.

When that doesn’t help please show us a screenshot of your Global Rules.


I did as you told but it didn’t work. My TCP port is still unreachable. :-\

What now? 88)

Try temporarily disabling the Firewall and try the port test again. If it fails again make sure that the required ports are open on your router. Don’t forget to enable the Firewall again because CIS will not remind you.

What are your Alert settings?

Can you show the “Rule for incoming TCP connection” that is part of the custom rule you made for eMule?