emule Obfuscated

I use comodo firewall now…

and i check the log and traffic …

I think something is going on eMule and firewall…

because i see the

Blocked by protocol analysis (Fragmented IP Packet) or (Fake or Malformed UDP Packet)

Look like comodo filter the Obfuscated

If yes is this ok ?

I confuse… now

Hi yohanni, welcome to the forums.

I’ve seen posts on this before. I believe that for things like eMule you may need to go to Security - Advanced tab Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention (configure) and uncheck Do Protocol Analysis and/or Block fragmented IP Datagrams. You’ll need to experiment a little, as I don’t have eMule myself. I believe the “Do Protocol Analysis” option is the one finding the Fake or Malformed UDP Packets. Also rather than doing the above globally, you should probably try the application specific settings for eMule first of Skip advanced security checks & Allow invisible connection attempts under the Application Monitor. More detailed info is available on this FAQ.

If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will shout. ;D