Emule low id and wireless router

HI just installed a wireless router but have a low id on emule and my TCP port is failed any ideas on how to get around this problem thanks.Daz.ps im not a computer whizz so could you give me step by step instruction on what i need to do.Cheers

You will need to forward the port you use for incoming connections.
Go to PortForward (Port Forwarding Your Router to Get Open Ports) and choose your router (if your exact model isn’t on the list, just choose one from the same manufacturer). Now you’ll be provided with links to instructions for setting up your router with many different software. Just find eMule on the list and then follow the step by step instructions.

Do i actually have to purchase port forward/PFconfig?I ahve tried as it says but have still got a low id?

What are your eMule connection settings?
It might be an issue between you and the server connected to. Have you tried another server?

Thanks to you both for your info ive got someone to sort it out for me now :slight_smile: