Emule is not asked permission for network access.

I launched emule, and for my surprise the firewall allowed it to connect (limitedly) to the internet but without my explicit consent.
It does’nt even show in the Application Monitor list.

Is CPF letting some P2P software access the internet without consent?
Can it be a leak, bug or feature?

To make it connect nicely (with hi id) we have to manually add it to the program list and make some network rules, but wold’nt it be nicer if the network rule be created only for the duration of the program, on the fly?

Keep the good work,


It is probably in the “safe” and “trusted” list, so that’s why you don’t get a popup for it.
You can go to security/advanced/misc and uncheck “do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo”, if you want popups for trusted apps.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Although the program should be shown in the Application Monitor list even if it is trusted, maybe in an trusted tab, I’m going to post it in requests.

Thanks again