Emule and Stealthing Port 4662

I have one question: Emule uses 4662 as a Tcp port, I have allowed this application to receive and send from this port and it works.
Trouble is, when Emule is on, this port is open for any incoming connection, even the ones not managed by the application itself.
Is this normal with Comodo? I mean, even though I want Emule to work, I would like a probe of this port done with Firefox to show it as a stealth port. Instead if I probe the port when Emule is on, it is wide open. Is there anything that can be done for such issues?

Not sure, but i guess someone/something should take control over eMule to use that port for its (bad) purposes. The point is that Comodo Firewall allows only eMule to use that port unless there are some allow rules for (every) other processes.

No, the port is NOT open for “any incoming connection”
it is only open for requested traffic on that port .

So it won’t answer if something is scanning that port?