Empty Program List in LaunchPad

Using both CAV and CPF running on a fresh installation of Windows 2000 Professional SP4, I have the following problems:

  • Cannot be opened from the tray icon.
  • Can be opened only from the Start menu.
  • Does not dispaly any of the installed programs while using my least-privilge account.
  • Does function pefectly when logging to the system using an admin account.
  • That problem did not occur when I have updgraded from CPF to (on the previous Windows installation, and using the same CAV version.

Note: You may refer to the attached snapshot for reference. That sanpshot is for LaunchPad launched from the Start menu under a least-privileged account.

Can you help me, please?

[attachment deleted by admin]

My first impression here is that the install wasn’t 100% successful. I suspect an application that protects your registry may be at play here. Can you post all other security products you had loaded/installed when you were installing CPF and CAV?

I am afraid that your impression may be wrong. Actually, the installation completed successfully. LaunchPad is working just great, as expected, when I log to the system using an admin account. However, this is not the same when I log in using a least-privilged user account. My security arsenal includes nothing but CPF and CAV.

Ah, I think you might have struck a memory here… do a forum search for “Limited” user… I think there were some issues I remember reading about that.