Empty "Firewall events" window


Yesterday Comodo UI frozen when I tried to open “Firewall events”. Today it’s possible to open the window but it’s still empty. I defined some rules for several applications. I checked “Log as a firewall…” but log is still empty. I need to define some other rules and I need log to check ports and so on. Could somebody help me.

What are your global rules? Sure your logging is on under miscellaneous/settings? I dont get any logs cause my hardware firewall covers everything. Are you behind a hardware firewall?

I have no global rules, only default rule for ICMP. I set rules for firefox, apache and so on. When i set Block, the application is blocked, so the rule works ok. But i need to see which ports the application use so I need log :]

OS: Win XP Pro SP2. I am using also AVG 8 Internet Security (without fw). No other security software installed.

If you want logs you need to make a global rule for it. Why do you have rules for Firefox. Just set it as a web browser.

I used rule for firefox only for testing ;)… but it’s unusual to have logs only for global rules. However I can see a checkbox for logging also in application rule… Why is it there?

Logging can slow your pc down. No reason to log outgoing programs when you know why they are outgoing. Logging is mainly for inbounds.

Appication Rules should log aswell works fine for me when I want something logged.