Empowering our users/consumers to have a say in ecommerce!

How about creating a system whereby users/consumers can provide feedback (verifiable of course) about how good or how bad certain sites are?

This way, we have a company like Comodo, who has gained (and continue to gain by delivering its promises in protecting end users) its user’s trust, that can provide independent platform for all the users/consumers out there to make a difference and share their experiences (good or bad) so that we can all benefit from a better internet. This platform would force the online merchants to have a, better customer experience, better service and more satisfied users/consumers.

your opinions is appreciated about this subject and how you might see this platform being utilised/developed further.
thank you


Hmm, a system? Could it be a feature to integrate in Comodo’s VerificationEngine? Click a button somewhere (in the browser - hey, let’s make it a Firefox add-on ;)), easy to access, and a window pops up with a Comodo “database” - providing users’ ratings and comments on e-commerce sites… could be useful.

When browsing on some “search sites” for the best price of a merchandise, users have rated (and commented) the online shops. It’s useful. A built in function in the browser would be another approach; when you’ve already chosen your e-commerce site, you get useful - and qualitative - info from other users, through Comodo. Those ratings on the “search sites” aren’t always too qualitative, but still, often useful. Anyway, a feature like this needs management of quality. A tough job I guess. It could then be helpful for the provider (Comodo) to offer something like “ratings of the ratings”; asking the user “Was this review helpful?” A lot of no-answers - remove the review!

Well, just some ideas. :slight_smile: