Emissoft Anti Malware 9 Released

Hoping to see how this new release ( both Free and Paid) compares to its predecessor.
I think this is the first major change in 7 years ?

And most important, what if any conflicts are found with it and CIS7


I installed in a test environment, in terms of performance was very good.
Detection was also good, although one or another false positive.
Just thought this version impacted browsing the internet, in the previous version this did not occur.
They release constant updates, so I think they will fix it.

Not yet tested all possibilities, so do not know if any specific incompatibility exists.

I think they know about the performance issue. It needs a certain amount of ram to work, but recommended is twice as much.

Minimum Hardware: 1 GB RAM (ideally 2 GB), 1024×768 screen resolution