What is emgautoupd.exe, Should I have not blocked this?

I presume you have CAVS2 as this is what I found in search on web.
Quote from website.
I got that too. It seems like Comodo is giving a warning about itself. I noticed their name in the warning and allowed it. After the warning came up, I got a box to download the new version of Comodo. This new version is a combo of antivirus and firewall. I haven’t done it yet. Apparently the current version is only supported for a couple of more weeks.
end quote.
EDIT And this link in the search:- antivirus.comodo.com/cavupdates/EmgSer

thank you for your prompt answer, i will try what you have suggested, thanks again.

I accidently blocked this. Now I get a message every few minutes telling me that system want s to run it but it is blocked. My question is: How do I unblock it?I