Emergency usb stick

In the event Comodo or whatever other security software wouldn’t keep you from a windows crash consecutive to a virus or some other cause, i realized for myself a multiboot usb emergency stick (Dos, Puppy Linux, BartPE and utilities) and i wrote the procedure if i had to build it again fast.

If it can be useful to you, i provide the link, everything but windows XP CD itself (i have read somewhere that it is copyrighted) is included, allowing to build quickly such a stick:



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Hmm…you been bad lately?

Edit: Back to normal now. :stuck_out_tongue:

My nick is brucine: i am always somewhat bad.

I always had a web storage depending from my isp, but the new one does not have any working one, so i choosed the first free hosting big enough, free and exempt from banners, why not hostoi (1.5 free GB in 6000 files)?

The storage is new, there’s nothing else then html files and free softwares, nothing malicious:
they can email me whatever they want, they didn’t do at the time speaking, but they for sure won’t be able, in what seems to be a random or systematic procedure, to find any such thing.

Did you get this message when following the link? I don’t, but i am maybe only hitting my local cache?

I had this before aswell, the link is working fine now.


Working now.

Interesting page. :slight_smile: