Emergency Inbox / Sending Items

When we moved to Comodo ASG I was lead to believe that in the case of a mail server being down there would be an emergency inbox/mailbox as with our existing provider but I was told this was coming and not ready. It’s been a couple of years now and I would like to ask is it ready and if so when will it be ready?

Hi Willard-UK,

This feature indeed was implemented for power users in case if archive functionality is used. You can find the necessary information about this at this link:

In case of disaster (complete server outage) user can login into ASG portal - go to archive and manage his e-mails (forward/reply) in archive (instead of mailserver).

Please note that users has to be a power user (this would allow forwarding e-mail to third-party e-mail address and be able to handle it there) or a member of customized user group which has the forwarding authority as power users.

If you need, you can visit below link for much information about user management and authorization.

Any other users can only reply meesages from their archieves.

Admin can only delete messages from archive and he/she can not handle e-mails on behalf of user…

I hope these above information would be much helpful for you.


Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Anti Spam Gateway