Emails That Are Blocked getting Through

Hi, I received an email today from an address that should have been blocked, as I have the address set to be blocked,
and one from this address is already being held in the quarantine database, status block everyone from this domain.

What is Going on ? I have put a ticket in about this now as well.

So now I have a antispam software that a) The spam reporting does not report so spammers will not be black listed; and b) now blocked sites emails are being put straight through to my inbox in outlook Express, any Ideas?

I don’t think I need this software if it will not report or do what it say’s on the can stop unwanted emails getting through??

I use Widows XP Home Sr pack 3, Comodo Firewall pro, Boclean, Memory Firewall, and for my Antivirus use AVG 8 all are the latest fully updated free versions

Hi Thebeast2:

   I know it's really bad experience when you found some function does not run as expected.
   Spammers are evolving. But you could help. Please post the spam to forum so we could check it and enhance AntiSpam. Thanks!

Already put in a ticket for it and the other problem of Spam reporting function not working and have already sent a copy of email to Comodo see my other posts / tickets GGG- 335593 and KYJ- 934197 done as much as I can and have also sent screen shots for helpful info as requested by Support and moderators