Emails from Specific Domain Still Pass Through Even With Domain Rule Enabled.

Let me start out by saying I just started using Comodo Antispam Gateway yesterday. I was able to successfully set it up in my domain and I can send and receive emails. I have created sender blacklist domain rules. Emails of type or should be caught by the rules ( and @.*.top). However, they all pass through to my inbox. Quarantine is enabled and spam threshold is set to 0.5.
Is there something that I am missing?

I’m fairly new to Comodo also. I also had a lot of emails from *.TOP and also *.XYZ

Go to Domain rules and set up a new TLD rule for TOP (under gTLD R-T) - then uncheck the box marked TOP, this should stop the emails from flowing thru.

I’ve actually unchecked all the TLD boxes except for COM NET ORG - but that works in my organization, you’ll have to evaluate where your emails come from.

Thanks Ericwdad. I will try your suggestion and post the results.