Emails and viruses

I can’t seem to find any mention of email protection in HELP.

Does COMODO scrutinise each email for viruses?


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Yes, CAVS has email-scanning capability. Go to Settings/Email Scan/General and Check the boxes Scan Incoming/Outgoing Mail. Click Apply.

If you want progress indicators, check the two boxes at the bottom, Display Animated Icon/Progress Indicator.

If you also want the emails to be “Certified” as virus free, go to Settings/Email Scan/Advanced, and check the two boxes at the bottom, Certify Incoming/Outgoing Email. At present this will give both an in-text signature, and an attachment certification/signature.

As with any resident AV email scanner, this will only work for email downloaded through an email client (such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc); it will not scan emails that you view through online access (such as gmail, yahoo, etc).


sorry little mac but the cavs doesn’t check your email.
it checks until it times out.
i cannot get email nor can i send email.
so how do i fix this little problem with the cavs beta?
i went into the comodo firewall and allowed everything for the antivirus software. and email scanner.
and yet still no email in or out and still times out everytime.
i even went as far as to shut down the email scanner but it still would not work.
timed out again and again. i have incredimail and i can use it on everything else.
so why can’t i use on this?

For incredimail the following files require full access in firewall rules:

  1. IMApp.exe
  2. ImNotfy.exe
  3. IncMail.exe
  4. ImpCnt.exe

If you are using Comodo Firewall you should also try checking the ‘skip advanced security checks’ box for CavEmSrv.exe.

Note also that if you are using IE7 then you will need to ensure you have the latest version of Incredimail as there is a compatibility issue with older versions.

Apologies if you have already tried these.


What version of CAVS are you using? I had an issue like this with Version 1.1, but it is fixed with version 2.


CAVS is not installed at the moment, but I had the same problem with the latest beta (and with every other version I have tried, for that matter, starting with 1.1) Checking for new mail was (almost) impossible with the email scanners enabled. It failed almost every time.

Another thing. I have already reported this, but there was no reply so I have uninstalled CAVS for the moment. On one occasion when checking did work, CAVS (the email scanning part of it) reported an infected attachment. This was conformed by several online scanners I used to verify the result. However, it reported nothing when I used the right click scanning option, either for the file or for the containing folder. This was the same file, so the result should have been different.

-the email scanner finds infections, but makes receiving mail almost impossible, it has to be disabled
-the normal scanner did\does not detect the same infected file
So, I can’t use the program at the moment.

i was useing the latest beta version
i uninstalled it not only because it really slowed my pc but also it wouldn’t let me use my email program.

well put user4
that sounds like me but my email scanner never worked it just kept timming out on me.
and never found anything.
plus i deactivated the email scanner but it still wants to scan my email. nothing in or out .

it is not my firewall i activated everything for my email with my cpf.
and my email works with just my cpf and another antivirus program but when i install cavs it doesn’t work at all just times out.
i did go into the cpf and enable email scanning and everything else for the cavs and still don’t work at all.
i also have ie7 and mozilla firefox 2.0.01 installed and have updated incrediamail.
so it is something wrong with the cavs system.
i have uninstalled it for now when the full version comes out i will try it again and see if it works then but untill then i am sticking with avg.

(:AGY) same problem with my. sending and receiving messages takes too long and sometimes timeout error and somethmes ms outlook freezes. its comodo antivirus problem. firewall aint a issue. its happening on all my 4 machines.

What version of CAVS are you running - 2.0.9 or earlier?

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