Email Software

With having already two browsers one based on chrome the other firefox and with thunderbird basically being left for the community why not snag up the source code and turn it into a even more secure email software.

With the likes of Comodo behind it I’m sure it would make for a safer email program


Comodo its already well known to further develop open source projects, as the ones mentioned already by 4einc, and make them way better, faster and even more secure.

An email client would be great idea and could add to it, services such as CASG, and make life easier to get an SSL through a CSE integrated wizard or something similar.

Thanks w-e-v for the positive push. I just figure it should be rather logical for the guys at Comodo to do up a email program since after all:
then browser
I mean what’s the next most common tool does a person use ? a email client would be my guess so I think they should put one out.

I would love to hear feed back from the people at Comodo over this.