email scanning and digital signing??


For the record I am using a Compaq Presario AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3300+, 2411MHz/1.93 GBs RAM, running Windows Xp Home, SP3., with IE8.

This morning I finally took the plunge and uninstalled my previous anti-virus program as well as Comodo Firewall (Free).

After I successfully uninstalled both I then installed the complete CIS (Free). And, after updating the Anti-virus and then running a complete scan, everything seems to be working as intended.

However, my previous Anti-virus (Avast) had an option to scan both Incoming and Outgoing emails while I was using Outlook Express. After reading your FAQs I discover CIS doesn’t have separate scanners to alert me when I receive an infected email but that it will alert me when I try to open one.

An I correct in my understanding?

Also, I am under the impression after reading other FAQs that I can install a program which will enable me to apply a 'digital signature to ‘outgoing emails’. Does this mean it would tack on a line similar to: ‘this email has been checked by Comodo anti-virus, etc, etc’?

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Correct. There is no need to scan incoming or outgoing mail. For outgoing, I’d hope you’d check anything you’re sending to someone else before you send it. If not, I’m glad I’m not on your contacts list. :wink: The scanners that put the “Scanned by…” line is really just marketing. You’re advertising for that vendor every time you send an email. They’re getting free advertising, and you’re likely paying them for the privilege in the form of virus database subscriptions.

As for incoming, again, no need to scan it because CAV is an on-demand scanner. When you access something, it will be scanned. There is no risk from malware if you never access it. It is just a waste of resources to check for something that is no danger to you. As long as it is inert, malware can sit indefinitely on your hard drive.

Not to mention that AV email scanners are the leading cause of corrupt email databases. By corrupt I mean mangled to the point of unreadability by your computer.

No, the digital signature is a way the recipients of your email can be sure the email is from you and not by someone who has stolen or spoofed your address. Think of it more along the lines of showing someone your identification when you try to cash a check.


I appreciate your fast and informative response.

Is installing the ‘digital signature’ option something I can live without or would you recommend I obtain the certificate and utilize the ‘digital signature’ feature? ???

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I personally wouldn’t worry about it, but it’s really up to you. For the digital signature thing to work, everyone you send email to would also have to install the secure email program as well. For run of the mill email, this is overkill. If you send a lot of confidential details or business type email, it might be something you’d want to look into.

Morning HeffeD,

I think I will go with the ‘I wouldn’t worry about it’ part of your response. :-TU

I appreciate you taking the time to give your thoughts on the subject. :slight_smile:

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