email notifications considered spam

For some time now whenever I receive Comodo forum email notifications the email client considers them as spam and as such they end up in the spam-box.
I have to move them to the regular inbox, not handy.

Today I even got a serious yellow warning message-box “Be careful with this message” in the body of the e-mail warning me not to click on any links in the email.

I’m still getting email notifications being treated as spam by email client.
Even repeatedly applying “No Spam” to those emails doesn’t change a thing.

No one else having this spam thing?

Yes. Gmail treats it as spam every time.

I don’t have this type of problem (Outlook +

It started to happen about couple of weeks ago or maybe a month ago. It didn’t happen at all whole last year.
Does Gmail have a reason to put a spam label on these emails?

I guess that has to do with the e-mails now being sent via

The notification emails fail on DMARC, see image.

Wondering why they fail on DMARC since they both pass SPF and DKIM.

It has been a while since the emails notifying comments in the forum have been recognized as spam by GMail.

Can you report it to Gmail?

Thank you.


I’ve reported the same issue quite some time ago here:

I don’t use gmail for the forum, but Outlook used to junk them until I set up a simple rule for the Comodo address . . . no problems since

When will it be fixed?
I miss notifications in the forum …

It wont until you you make a rule for it as I’ve already said

Ok. Thanks! :slight_smile:
However I hope it is also COMODO to solve the problem with GMAIL.

It’s not happening anymore.
forum notification emails are no longer recognized as spam by GMAIL. So I assume COMODO or GMAIL have solved the problem.

Hooray! No more forum spam!

It is fixed indeed. :slight_smile: :-TU