Email certificates missing Common Name (CN)

I recently obtained one of the FREE Email Certificates Comodo offers, thank you very much for offering this service to the public by the way. I could not help but notice that a Common Name (CN) is not present in the certificates Subject section. This leads to an odd issue when using the Digital IDs to sign documents, namely they are missing the Signed by property and instead show “Unknown Signer”. Is there any way that this field can be added to the certificate template, the site did after all ask me for my name when signing up for the certificate.

Below are a couple of images that help to flesh out the issue.!184&authkey=ADl1n5riQqIZTPQ
As you can see when someone views the signature it shows unknown signature, which is not all that great.!185&authkey=AL7DQhZhY-eZJ9s
Here you can see the Signing as field is blank, showing that it can not fetch the data from the certificate.

Any update on this problem? I believe I have the same issue.