email cert on IOS not working

I have a free email SMIME cert from comodo.

I am able to send encrypted/signed emails from my imac email account to my iphone, and they are decrypted. All good.

Now I want to be able to send encrypted/signed emails BACK from my iphone email account to my imac (always the same email account).

I have SMIME turned on the iphone, and signing and encryption are turned on.

When I open an email form on the iphone (sent from the default email account on my imac - the one that the cert is based on), it says that the email is encrypted. For the To: value, as soon as I choose the default email account (the one that the cert is based on) (or any other other email account), it goes to red and says not encrypted.

My iphone was sent my p12 file, and it was installed. I assume that the iphone now has my private (and public) cert. So, I am not sure why it won’t encrypt an email.

I was told to:
Send to your iPhone from your imac an encrypted mail.
On iPhone click on your name on the “from” field on the mail you received.
Follow the instructions…

However, for the encrypted and signed (and legible) email that I routinely send from my imac to my iphone, if I click my address (the only one in use for this testing) in the From field on the iphone, it is as if I just pushed the Home button. I am sent to the Home screen.

What does that mean?



Did you get this resolved? I’m having the same issue. thanks.


This thread might help with the issue, but I have no way to check/test.