Email Cert Disappeared

So my cert expired today, and I applied for a new one. I was approved, and sent the usual linx to download & install. Clicked the button, and voila! said it installed fine. But to where… to where?

I use Thunderbird, and attempted to retrieve it, to no avail; it showed my expired cert, but nothing else. I then went to Windowz certmgr, and under personal, there was my expired cert…and nothing else. I rooted through the other folders there with no luck.

Comodo won’t allow me to get a new cert (obviously), so does anyone have any advice?




The Comodo systems issued you a valid email cert, so will not let you apply for a new one.

Check this knowledgebase article:,96,32

You will need to ask support to revoke the email cert so you can re-apply.
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