ElectricSheep screensaver

I am using ElectricSheep screen saver, which does dl new screen saver files mostly in .mpg format, and it can dl either using HTTP or a built in Bittorrent client. I am currently using HTTP.
The problem is that when ES starts to dl it is blocked by Comodo Firewall, the screen saver is active, and when I hit a key or mouse the firewall dialog box disappears before I can select “Remember my answer” and “Allow”. When I go to Application Control Rules electricsheep.scr is listed twice, once each for In and Out, TCP/UDP Allow, but is not in fact being allowed to connect to the server at electricsheep.org. Any idea how I can fix this?
ElectricSheep screen saver v2.6.6 is available at electricsheep.org

XP Pro SP2 CPF, NOD32, Webroot Spy Sweeper 775, ElectricSheep 2.6.6

Hi and welcome,

Have you added this program to the trusted applications (open CPF>>security>>define new trusted application)?


That was all it took, Define a new Trusted Application, Specify Application electricsheep.scr. I did not specify a parent application.

Ok, that’s great. It shouldn’t matter about the parent application.